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Larne and Inver Primary School, Larne
Integration: Our parents have voted in favour of transforming our school to Integrated status from September 2026, subject to approval by the Education Minister.
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Internet Use

Larne and Inver Primary School uses the filtered C2k  network which provides all children with safe computer and internet usage on a daily basis. This is in addition to the 'Acceptable Use of the Internet and Digital Technlogies' policy and the 'Code of Conduct' which all parents have already signed.

However, when using the internet at home, this filtered system is unavailable. It is therefore essential that, when your child uses a link that directs him/her away from this site, you ensure that the appropriate level of supervision is provided. The internet contains a wealth of information and fantastic educational resources for all children but, as other websites are continually updated, it is almost impossible to monitor the content of these sites (and subsequent further links from these sites) without personal supervision.

Consequently, please supervise your children when using the sites in the Learning Zone and any other websites that you feel are suitable for them. 

Parents should therefore satisfy themselves that every website (including those directly and indirectly linked to this website) is suitable for their child before allowing him/her to use it. Larne and Inver Primary School accepts no responsibility for any sites that are linked to its own.

It is our view that 'online gaming' such as X Box live and social networking sites such as 'Facebook' are not suitable for primary school children. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is aware of any potential dangers and that you ensure that his/her online activities are effectively monitored.

I hope that you enjoy this website and all of the subsequent links from it, find them profitable and use them as an addition to the great work being done in school.

If you have further queries or require additional information regarding any aspects of school life, please feel free to contact me.

K. Patterson                                                                                    

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