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Larne and Inver Primary School, Larne

A Brief History of Larne and Inver Primary School

Larne and Inver School was established in 1842 by First Larne Presbyterian Church. At that time, the town of Larne was comprised of the old town, around Pound Street and Mill Street (now Riverdale area), and Newtown, a modern day development on present day Main Street. Inver village, on the hill south of Larne River, was a separate entity.

The word ‘Inver’ is (Scottish) Gaelic for ‘the land or area at the mouth of the river.’

Mr Houston was the first teacher appointed and the school was duly opened on Tuesday 1st February 1842.

The first pupil, according to the school register (well preserved and stored in the Public record office) was enrolled on 8th February 1842. William McFerran was 13 years old.

The school, having been refused a Grant by the National Board of Education, was at first a Voluntary School. However, it was soon accepted by the National Board and officially became a National School, although the exact date is not known.

In 1881, it was requested that the Schoolroom was to be sold to enable the narrow gauge railway line to be made from Larne Harbour. Protracted negotiations lead to the removal of the school accommodation to the south side of the river. The new school building was erected in 1894 and opened to pupils in 1895.

Under the First Education Act of Northern Ireland, the school was transferred from the control of First Larne Church to the Larne Regional Education Committee in 1928.

In 1930 the school was extensively rebuilt and added to, although a large part of the 1894 building was incorporated. The new school was officially opened on Tuesday 17th November 1931.

The school was now almost as we know it today although further work was completed in 2002 to provide resource areas and consequently remove the ‘balcony’ at the front of school.

There are hundreds of photographs in this History Section of our school website. Please take time to have a look and see who you recognise!


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