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Larne and Inver Primary School, Larne
Integration: Our parents have voted in favour of transforming our school to Integrated status from September 2026, subject to approval by the Education Minister.
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We are fortunate to have highly skilled and committed staff in Larne & Inver Primary School. The ‘staff team’ maintain the ‘caring ethos’ in school and every individual has an important part in the every day life of our school.

Teaching Staff

Classroom Assistants

Mr K. Patterson (Principal)

Safeguarding Team

Mrs D. McNeilly

Mrs J. Black (Vice Principal) (P6)

Mathematics and Assessment Coordinator

Safeguarding Team

Mrs W. Wallace

Ms L. McBurney (Head of P1-4) (P3)

Safeguarding and Pastoral Care Coordintor

Safeguarding Team

Mrs L. Wilson

Mrs J. Ross (P1)

Play/Activity Based Learning Coordinator

Mrs K. McMullan

Mrs L. Gardner (P2)

Literacy and PE Coordinator

Mrs P. Hill

Mrs J. Roy (P2)

Mrs T. Hutchinson

Mrs E. McIlroy (P4)

The Arts Coordinator

Mrs S. Howie

Mrs N. Waide (P4)

Miss J. Hood

Mrs D. Powell (P5)

World Around Us Coordinator

Mrs L. Kellett

Mrs A. McCubbin (P6)


Mrs P. Urwin

Mr S. Dunlop (P7)

UICT Coordinator

Safeguarding Team

Mrs E. Gray

Mrs H. Boyd (Learning Support)

SENCO and PDMU/RSE Coordinator

Safeguarding Team







Mrs A. Marcus




Building Supervisor

Miss S. Kirk

Mrs D. McCallion

Ms D. Nixon






Patrol Crossing

Cleaning Staff

Mrs D. McCallion

Mrs D. McCallion