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Larne and Inver Primary School, Larne


9th Mar 2020

Some parents have asked what is our school's position regarding the Coronavirus.

We are currently following the directives given by the Education Authority. If anything changes, we will inform you immediately. As per the message last week -

Please remember the following to keep everyone safe and healthy -

  • wash your hands before eating and after playing or doing sports
  • do not put your hands in your mouth or play with cups and cutlery
  • bring tissues to school so you can catch it and bin it when you blow your nose or sneeze
  • flush the toilet and wash your hands after you have gone to the toilet

If desired, parents may bring additional tissues, soap or hand sanitiser into school to assist us with our precautions in each classroom.

Parents and Carers should talk to their children about this and keep an eye on the Public Health Agency website for up to date advice -

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